Bogdan Pozderca

Personal & Contributed Projects

SpartaHack API

Designed as a solution to yearly team turnover and changing developer tool stacks. This api serves as an endpoint for user registration, authentication, and application processing as well as managing content for mobile applications and website regardless of their tool stack.

Embedded Emulation

By modifying a Playstation 3 controller to also supply power to a Raspberry Pi Zero, it was possible to embed the Pi inside the controller and emulate SNES, NES, Gameboy, and N64 Games using the buttons of the controller. This essentially created a plug and play console.

SpartaHack 2017

Redesigned from the bottom up, the 2017 SpartaHack website is more robust than the 2016 variant. It interfaces with the SpartaHack API and is a better user experience over all.

SpartaHack 2016

Designed the server to handle user registration and authentication, as well as application processing. In addition, developed the front end using assets and wireframes created by the design team and myself.


Using Facebook’s Graph API, gathered music data to calculate statistics and design a stacked area chart representing a user’s music preferences for data visualization.


The project was a hardware solution for allowing visually impaired people to visualize data. Tactile translates the graphs displayed on a screen into tangible movements to be used to gain a better understanding of the data. The project was presented by & run on a Node.js server on an Intel Edison.

Web Roast

Developed a Google Chrome extension to allow users to critique the content of a webpage and convey it to the developers or others.

Cash Only

Developed an application using the Venmo payment API to connect people with cash to people that need cash to avoid atm fees.

City Scope

CityScope unifies and visualizes previously disparate pieces of information for any county in the United States. From poverty rates to natural disaster trends to farmers market densities, we provide a multifaceted resource for travelers as well as a locus of realtime information for residents.

Mbira Halifax Template

Halifax is one of two mobile-first front end web templates for Mbira, a platform to build, serve, and manage native and web-based mobile heritage experiences.

Kora 3

Kora 3 is an open-source, database-driven, online digital repository application for complex multimedia objects such as text, images, audio, and video.